A Tale of Crowns is a high fantasy love story with Middle Eastern roots, both on pc as well as mobile! It’s entirely text-based, with choices throughout to shape both your main character’s personality and skills as well as influence their relationships with others. There are four love interests for you to choose from, both female as well as male, each with their own stories and secrets for you to uncover!

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Also, I would always recommend downloading the game file and playing it in your browser, but if you would still like to run the game on this site I would definitely advise you to do so in full screen!


The story takes place in Arsur, a fictional empire within a fantasy universe that draws inspiration from historical settings in the Middle East. Much of it is based on Kurdish culture, drawing from my own experience as a Kurdish woman.

Your character is 25 years old and was born and raised in Arsur, where magic is considered a basic skill no different from reading or writing. Gender, sexual orientation and race have no bearing on social position or class; it is instead only based on wealth and level of education.

The Arsurian Empire itself is overseen by a single ruler known as the Crown. Unlike traditional monarchies, however, the title is not inherited through blood. Whenever the Crown dies, their famed golden eyes pass on to the one chosen by the spirits of this world to be the new Crown: this appears to happen at random, as Crowns in the past have ranged from the poorest farmer to the wealthiest noble.


Their parents murdered and the previous Crown of Arsur assassinated, your character finds themselves on the run as they’ve been bestowed with the golden eyes that mark them as the new Crown.

Unseen enemies at their heels, will they succeed as the Crown, or will they lead to the downfall of the Empire?


At the beginning of the story, you’ll have the opportunity to customize your Crown’s name, pronouns, sexual orientation and their skill in magic. You can also customize many parts of your Crown’s appearance: hair color, hair texture, hair style, skin color and height are all up to you and will be reflected in the story as well.

As for your Crown’s personality, there are eight different character traits in total that will be decided based on the choices you make in game. This will subsequently change your Crown’s behavior during story scenes.


Depending on what your Crown’s sexual orientation is, the gender of the love interests will change accordingly to match that. There are four of them in total, and each love interest will have their own route which you will get to choose from at the end of the common route.

The Sorcerer; Rozerîn/Rêzan
The Crown’s Sorcerer, widely regarded to be a prodigy and expected to become the most powerful magus in the Empire.

The Hero; Xelara/Xelef
A legendary mercenary and the leader of the Crescent Blades, whose exploits were chronicled in song. Also known as the Pale Sword.

The Protector; Ashti/Azad
Once a peerless soldier in the Imperial Army, now promoted to the Royal Protector of the Crown due to their unrivaled skill and exceptional integrity.

The General; Delal/Dara
The General of the Imperial Army, known for many strategic victories in warding off attacks from hostile nations.

Artwork of the characters done by @artbygaia; the other half of the genders will also be done in the future!

The common route of the story which consists of four chapters has been completed at around 117k words, and I will soon start on the individual routes for the love interests! I will release each chapter as I finish it, so the game will be a continuous work in progress.

If you'd like some resources or visual references for the story, my blog has pages to help with designing your MC, as well as more background information about the setting and what it is based on!

CONTENT WARNINGS: Violence, death and murder, trauma and PTSD.


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It's so great to see this world and the romance and the characters and everything! I just love it! I really adore the characters and the general worldbuilding is just... I'm at a loss of words for how wonderful it is!!


I binged all the chapters that were out in one day! The writing is amazing and so engaing, I love that the plot naturally leads to building romance I just feel like I'm reading a good book. So excited for the next update!


That's great and honestly reassuring to hear! I've been wondering whether the romances connect well to the plot or not, so this really put me at ease. Thank you ❤️


This is so exciting!  All the love interests are amazing. I love the way the cast interacts with each other.  I am looking forward to updates.  Thank you so much for sharing your game with us!

And thank you so much for commenting, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the game!! ❤️


This game is a wonderful gem. Your writing is beautiful and engaging; I love how much personality the MC has and I can't wait to play around with replays to see how they change between scenes depending on their character traits. The main cast is filled with fascinating people, they ALL have my heart!! The world is intriguing and your descriptions are so rich, it's easy to fall into the world and immerse yourself there. 

Really excited to see how the romance routes split off!


Thank you so much for all the kind words!! ❤️ I'm also very excited to finally get the romance routes going and see all the reactions from players, it's really my main motivator in getting the update out right now haha

this is so beautifully written and i am so grateful i stumbled upon it. i've found myself completely immersed in the writing and the characters. i unfortunately cannot afford to support this game at the moment but come next payday i will absolutely help fund. very excited and looking forward to what the next update entails. 

Thanks so much!! Commenting counts as support as well, in my eyes, so don't feel bad about not being able to contribute financially! I'm a broke college student so I totally understand the struggle haha. If you are able to donate, even if it's a tiny amount, know that it's immensely appreciated ❤️❤️❤️

This story stole my heart.  I am absolutely in love with the characters and the world building.  The writing has me enthralled with the plot and the setting. Unfortunately, now I'm jealous of both the mc for getting to live there, and the author for thinking such a world up.

Omg, thank you!! That really means a lot, the world building and setting is something I've worked on for a long time so it's really nice to see it appreciated ❤️


As soon as I met Xelef, I fell in love with his character. I couldn't stop giggling. Wonderfully written so far and I can't wait until the next chapter, I absolutely love the storyline as well.


I definitely don't blame you on that front! I, too, am weak to flirty rogue archetypes lol. Thanks so much for the comment!! ❤️


I am absolutely enamored by the story, setting, plot thus far, and characters. I can't yet tell who my favorite LI is. They're all so differently charming, and them being randomly generated when choosing liking both men and women was exciting. I'm eagerly anticipating what's to come ლζ*♡ε♡*ζლ

Thanks so much!! ❤️ The genders for the LIs arenot completely randomly generated to be fair, I just manually assigned them at random :P


Ahh I love this game! Such an intriguing story with beautiful writing. I am so excited for how the story continues to develop! It's also rare for me to be completely in love with all LIs in a romance game, wish I can romance them all at the same time xD

Thank you!! I'm really glad you like all the LIs, it means I'm really doing my job right haha ❤️


I am so in love with this game!! I love the setting, the characters, and the writing!! This is definitely one of my favorite games and I can't wait to play more! <3


Happy to hear you enjoyed it! Thank you!! ❤️

Just now getting into this gorgeous game! I've encountered the "your not close enough to select this option" text. Is that something that could be changed if I made different choices with that character?

Yes. You need certain relationship values to unlock those scenes, though I don't believe it's possible to get all of them in one playthrough since there are instances where you have to pick and choose who to raise your relationship with.

It is possible to unlock all character dialogues, you just have to be strategic about it :p

(1 edit)

As the posters before me have said, the dialogue options for all LIs are unlockable in a single playthrough, if you pick the right choices throughout the game (I posted a walkthrough on my blog that shows you how). Regarding what ISO said, it's when choosing your LI at the end of Chapter Four that you can only get a max of 3 LIs to choose from. 


I'm not going to lie I was up until like 1:30AM playing this game. The quality is just so CHOICE... we have no choice BUT to stan. Hardest part was trying to figure out which kind of playthrough I wanted to do first ghjkfhg

Easily one of my favorite games... the worldbuilding, the characters, the DIALOGUE....... the world just feels so rich and alive. I can see everything happen so vividly in my head like I'm watching a TV show instead of reading words on a screen..... HHHHHHH what's up with the Crowns!! Why are the Followers just Like That constantly!!! Why did the MC's parents do what they did!! And most importantly: how long until I can hold hands with all of the LI's aaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAA

I can't wait for more. Definitely keeping an eye out for this one 👀👀👀

Haha no worries, all the mysteries will be revealed in due time!! Thanks so much for playing and commenting ❤️


A++ writing, AMAZING world building, well-written characters.

waiting patiently for chapter 5!

Thank you!! ❤️


I absolutely adore this story. I've already played through it so many different times just to see the different results. The writing is wonderful. The designs of the characters are stunning (and the logo is so pretty). I loved the options we had to design the character, and appreciate that the dev linked resources so you could create a character that fits the setting of the game more!!! Love this game and cannot wait for an update!!

Thank you so much!! ❤️ I'm glad I found such a talented artist to commission, she really brought my characters to life.

(1 edit) (+3)

I am so excited for the updates! I love this story so much, and I love how real all the characters feel. Not gonna lie: I kind of want to play it through a million times to see the results of different choices! Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful story!

Aw, thank you!! ❤️ I'd hoped the game would have a lot of replay value, considering how long updates are taking me haha


a really nice game, i really enjoy this

all the character feel alive and not just some puppets, and the pacing of the story is also very nice , its all around just an A+ writing

thank you for making this, can't wait for the next update


Thanks so much!! ❤️


How do the mentors work? I got Perjin but I was wonder if there were other mentors you can get? 

btw thank you so much for this wonderful game! I have loved every moment so far :)


The mentors/tutors aren't a game mechanic haha, the rest of them will be introduced in the next couple of chapters!

Thanks for commenting ❤️


Nice game.

Hey will 'romance' options will be available in later game ?

And could we date other people other than those four chicks/guys as i am really curious about what Lady Naza (i don't remember the exact name but it some what sounds like Naza.) is upto. Though she is bold enough to face us . Really curious about her ! ;)


Nope. The four love interests at the start of the game are the only romance options available, because the game splits off into their individual routes. Adding more options is a bit too much writing for me! 

(1 edit) (+3)

I love this game so much! I like how kind all the LI's are, and how comfortable they are. I feel like they all respect the MC's feelings and pace. Your writing is also fantastic. It's easy to read but also descriptive and easy to get lost in. I also love how you handled the MC's trauma. I hope that they have plenty of chances to heal with the help of the LIs.

The only (very small, very unimportant) problem I have is that there doesn't seem to be very many save files? I'm the kind of person that likes to save every chapter and go back and see what would happen if I make different choices, so having only 8 save files makes me a little nervous lol, like I have to be more careful. Maybe that's the point?

Anyways, thank you for writing such a wonderful story. I am really looking forward to future chapters.


Thanks so much for the kind words!! Healing from past trauma will definitely be a major theme for MC ❤️ 

As for the save files, they are a built-in feature of Twine's story format that I unfortunately can't edit or adjust in any way beyond... removing it completely lol. I would've really liked to have at least 15 slots open, sorry about that 😔


Hey! Good news about those save files, the game has the option to save/load from disk, so you can create a folder for your characters and have as many files there as you want. The saves won't appear on the list when you press saves, but if you chose the load from disk option you can access them. I use this to have a folder for each MC in order to play all routes. Or just name the file by MC-Chapter number. Hope it helps :)


Thank you so much! I had no idea I could do that. 


i'm absolutely smitten for general dara. he makes my heart have so much gay yearning </3 i'm extremely excited for the next chapters and any developments to this story!! i can't wait for more!! 


D's route is definitely optimized for Gay Yearning, it's a bit of a slowburn 😌❤️


I just started the chapter 3 and I'm just like "WHO DO I CHOOSE?????" already because they are all so marvelous... T_T Really, I already love all of the LIs, they are amazing, THE BANTER IS JUST GOLD, my sappy heart can't take all of this, it is already sighing and dreaming without control and jumping from one to another at every moment. Who to choose first? Dara? Azad? Rêzan? Xelef? Who knows, certainly not me xD


Aw, well that's what replays are for!! ❤️Although having to pick someone first would definitely be a dilemma.... Maybe you could pull a name out of a hat or something? lol


The first gameplay, at least for me, is the sweetest, is the one were I'm just discovering everything with fresh eyes and the LI choose usually is the one to impact me more, doesn't matter the game xD

In the end I choose Dara because... All the blushing regarding pleasure houses? Just GOLD. Also... I was roleplaying a shy crown and the interactions were just WONDERFUL, D going all "I'LL PROTECT YOU!" and then all flustered because "I MEAN, UHM..." and... My heart couldn't resist. It was a close competition with Azad, because oh, how I love mysterious aesthetic but secretly soft and kind.

Also, I made a shy and assertive Crown to romance Xelef and it was terrible funny, I couldn't stop laughing and blushing along.

I need to do Rêzan's now, but I'm still deciding on the character I'll make for Rêzan lol

Anyway. I deeply love this game <3


this was so good, i'm excited for more! it's so interesting and well-written, and i love being able to customise your character. so far, i'm a total sucker for Xelara (what can i say, you had me at 'muscular arms')


Thanks so much!! ❤️ I knew the muscular arms were going to be a big selling point for Xelara haha


I love this game so much, I can't wait for the next chapter! I just adore the way you write, too! (And I can't help but fall for Azad!

Aw, thank you!! Azad is an excellent choice 😌

(1 edit) (+2)

This is game beautifully written and skillfully charming, I find myself constanly replaying it to see the other options and having geniuenly fall in love with every character, I'm excited for chapter five!


Thank you!! ❤️ I hope to finish the next chapter within the next couple of weeks, provided I can manage my workload for university properly haha

Just reading the description for this game made me incredibly excited. I'm like two pages in and your writing is so beautiful and gripping, thank you so much for your hard work, I'm looking forward to watching this grow! <3

Thanks so much!! Hope you enjoy the game ❤️

I just started playing this (read the first two chapters so far) and this is SO incredible so far. I love what i've seen of the characters and the worldbuilding and i cannot WAIT to plow through the rest. You've really got something special here and I can't wait to see the rest that you come up with. I've never read a text-choice story like this before (only recently got into visual novels or games like this at all) and this is so fun and immersive and truly wonderful. I love how inclusive it is!! (the fact that I can actually make ALL of the LIs ladies if i want instead of only getting to choose the single option for a queer character is really lovely). I really can't say enough wonderful things so far<3

Omg thank you so very much for the kind words!! ❤️ Inclusivity was definitely a main focus for me in this, so I'm happy you could appreciate that aspect of it!


What a treasure this story is! It's so immersive and beautifully written that I can't help but wait anxiously for the next update! This is actually the first time that I'm torn between two characters (Azad and Dara), they are so unique and the way their relationships get more intimate with the Crown is so organic, I can't wait for the rest! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Thanks so much!! ❤️ More people seem torn between LIs so you're definitely not alone in that, but at least you can have multiple playthroughs haha


I loved this game. Thank you so much for creating this content. I do have a question though, how do I go back from the last page (that says to not save while on it) so I can save the game? 

I'm afraid you'll have to load up your most recent save, if you have one, and play back up to the part right before that screen so you can save properly. Sorry for the inconvenience 😅

Literally found this on twitter by chance yesterday, and what a great find this is! I wonder if I should make it a point to raise all 4 RO's relationships during the common route - will the non-LI's values be relevant later on, or should I just focus on whomever I like most?

(1 edit) (+1)

I'm glad to hear that!! ❤️ As for the game, I'd say in the common route you should try figuring out who you like most and sticking with them. The relationship points are very small for the common route, as the max you can get is 10, so you won't have any drawbacks befriending the other (non-)LIs once you've picked your route! 

Really good so far! The story is engaging and the character's personalities are deep and intricate, making interacting with them really interesting. Keep up the good work!

Thank you, I really appreciate that!! ❤️

This story has left me on the edge of my seat it is the BEST story ever and i cant wait for the next chapter.


Thanks so much!! I'm working to get Chapter Five out ASAP, hopefully I'll make it by the end of September, or otherwise the start of October ❤️

I haven't finished the common route yet but so far I'm loving it! I love the characters personalities and the customisation options. Being able to choose to be a bi character and therefore having a mix of genders for the love interests is just a lovely addition. (My bi heart is so conflicted and I love them all so far.). The overall story is very interesting so far and I'm definitely hooked on this world you've created :D 

I can't wait for more chapters already and I'm definitely going to be replaying to explore the different personality options. 


Thank you, I'm happy to hear that!! MC customization was definitely a focus for me, so I'm glad you like it. Hope you enjoy the rest of the game as well ❤️

I have played the beta, and i love it very much! The world building is very vivid, with interesting MC's personality and superb characters. Thumbs upp! 👍

(1 edit)

Thanks so much!! ❤️

I follow you on tumblr and love the game :D I'm so happy you decided to upload it here! 

Oh, hi! Yeah, I recognize the name, I've seen you on tumblr! Happy to see you here too ❤️